Monday, 1 December 2008

The Humble Beginnings of a Fledgling Chapter (500pt Armylist)

You could say I was hankering for a game, but that would be an understatement akin to saying 'James Bond had no objection to Tuxedos'. From my pool of resources, I currently have the following to play with:
19 Marines (5 being painted)
1 Dreadnaught
1 Landspeeder
1 SM Captain (unpainted)
1 Rhino (unassembled)

With these, my aim was to come up with an armylist which used as much of my existing completed figures as possible (shorter turn around time), while trying to keep it competitive and flexible enough to take on all-comers. Therefore without further ado, below is my 500pt armylist I am aiming to have completed before Christmas:

Captain: 115
- Power Sword
(10) Marine Squad: 170
- Flamer
- Missile Launcher

(5) Marine Squad: 90
- Combi-Flamer
Dreadnaught: 115
- Assault Cannon
TOTAL: 500

That gives me 16 men on the ground, supported by a stonking big weapons platform. Unfortunately I've had to sacrifice manoeuvrability for durability and firepower on this list - past games have taught me the hard way that token investments into speed without enough support allows the enemy to focus on your transport/lone speeder etc. with minimal effort. My aim is to rely on Astartes armour to weather any long range firepower until I can hold objectives and/or bring some nasty close range firepower to bear. Against Hordes, I'm relying on my Captain and Dreadnaught to hold their own, with the Flamers being brought to bear as and when they can! Clearly this list will benefit most from some dirty urban combat, where they can storm through the buildings where they have more cover.
However, the big unknown for me is fielding a Dreadnaught in such a small game - it feels to me like a gamble; he may win the day by being able to bring such awesome mobile firepower to the game while being a CC monster; or he may lose it by simply being a points sink that attracts every anti-armour weapon like honey to a Bee...
Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so watch this space! And any feedback/better ideas always welcome :)

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