Friday, 28 November 2008

The Battle Barge Launches...

After 11 years in a hobby which can be best described as 'Heroinly moreish', I'd have expected to have collated a veritable Chapter's worth of Marines; when instead I appear to have a rag-tag mob of Ruffians something more akin to Kelly's heroes. But alas, the unpainted puppy-dog eyes of my Astartes Captain has led me to the Emperor's Light, and I'm now on a mission to take my Marines from the depths of anonymity to the giddying heights of notoriety!

This blog will chronicle their progress as I build the Space Marine Chapter 'Angels of Fortitude' from a half-painted A-Team (sans transport), to a lavishly pimped army of Jedi’s - while pertaining ambitions of world (tournament) domination with a sense of determination that please even a pushy mum.

Special thanks to Admiral Drax for both providing the inspiration to create a blog, and leading me to despise anything that even vaguely resembles a Guardsman with a plasma gun. Now it's time to crack open the Royal Blue paint, pin up the cheesy motivational posters, and let the Astartes recruitment drive begin!