Saturday, 13 December 2008

Dawn of War 2 - Multiplayer at Last!

Like any rustic 40k Connisseur, I've been following the development of Dawn of War 2 with a keen interest. After watching the RPG ethos take a large president over the single player gameplay, I (and I know a few others) were getting conserned over the amount of attention they would be placing into the multiplayer. And quite frankly, watching a game demo being performed by someone who doesn't know how to play at GamesDay 2008 didn't help. Don't get me wrong, I like the single player campaign as much as the next man/nerd, but these days it is the multiplayer experience that saves the day.

Well, the latest video posted by Relic certainly has taken great steps to putting my fears to bed - take a look!;jsessionid=1q165m6k6aqvp

Now this should be a blast!


Admiral Drax said...

Oh yes. It looks nice. Very nice. And WAY too complicated for my little brain.

Oh, and you might like to check out 'Bolter and Chainsword'. I don't much go on rumour-mill forums, but they've got a fun little SM chapter name generator on a tab top-left: it's well worth having a play with for giggles!

- Drax.

Any chance of

Mike The Merciless said...

Say, that Name Generator isn't half bad!