Friday, 28 November 2008

The Battle Barge Launches...

After 11 years in a hobby which can be best described as 'Heroinly moreish', I'd have expected to have collated a veritable Chapter's worth of Marines; when instead I appear to have a rag-tag mob of Ruffians something more akin to Kelly's heroes. But alas, the unpainted puppy-dog eyes of my Astartes Captain has led me to the Emperor's Light, and I'm now on a mission to take my Marines from the depths of anonymity to the giddying heights of notoriety!

This blog will chronicle their progress as I build the Space Marine Chapter 'Angels of Fortitude' from a half-painted A-Team (sans transport), to a lavishly pimped army of Jedi’s - while pertaining ambitions of world (tournament) domination with a sense of determination that please even a pushy mum.

Special thanks to Admiral Drax for both providing the inspiration to create a blog, and leading me to despise anything that even vaguely resembles a Guardsman with a plasma gun. Now it's time to crack open the Royal Blue paint, pin up the cheesy motivational posters, and let the Astartes recruitment drive begin!


Admiral Drax said...

Welcome aboard, Matey!

I didn't realise you could paint that well - I'm really impressed! Puts my efforts to shame, anyway.

Nice deluxe look for the blog, too - I'll give you a 'shout-out' this weekend: your painting deserves to be seen.

Oh, and the plasma guns are charging up: I'm itching for another game now I've a core army painted!

- Drax.

Gamers World said...

Hey dude I love your blog. I have added you to my blogroll at

Mike The Merciless said...

Thanks guys! And Drax, I would love nothing better than to have my Marines top up their Lasgun tan!