Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Lost Treasure of Mikelantis, and a WIP Update

I'd like to make a confession that may or may not rock the very foundations of your world - I am not the tidiest of people. Now the weather was getting rather brisk, I took it a fine time to empty my garage of bags of refuse which really should have been done when the contents vaguely resembled grass, or at least before they became black plastic vessels of 'Essence de Nurgle'. Taking the opportunity to see what else I could throw away, I delved into what at first appeared to be a large pile of old junk. As I peeled back the top layer of quilt covers, I was temporarily blinded by a bright, golden light; I had re-discovered the lost treasure of Mikelantis!

This long forgotten treasure trove, much like a Pirate's horde, is a vast collection of figures donated by people for the benevolent cause of gaming on-tap; countless Tyranids, Marines, Orks, Eldar, odd Rogue Trader era figures, and even Chaos vehicles riced up with painted toothpicks are here. Of note however, are these two figures I found:

I've always loved the old Black Templar's Emperor's Champion - the dynamic pose is better than any other variation, and the Black Sword is one of the best sword model's available IMO. Also, considering the whole iconography of the Angles of Fortitude is a Chalice, what is more fitting than an Apothecary flaunting the a relic pictured on every shoulder pad in the chapter? Once I've finished my 500pt army, a Command Squad will be one of my priorities, and with iconic figures like these in them, it'll be a very exciting project for me to get my teeth into!

Speaking of projects, the progress on my 5-man Combat squad is progressing at a steady pace - most of the major work is done, needing just the finer details which touch wood, will just take another week tops...


Gamers World said...

I like the squad and those models look great. Why not use the emps champ as a chapter/company champ and cut and swap the arm of the chalice guy with a apothacary arm.

Admiral Drax said...

Nice one, Mike,

And you're right to love the Emporer's Champion model!

- Drax

Mike The Merciless said...

Why thanks! And Mr. World, you're bang on the money, I should have mentioned it; I'll be including the Emperors Champion as the company champion, and using the Blood Angels apothacary (once I get the chapter markings swapped with something more generic).