Monday, 14 September 2009

It's Been a Long Time Baby...

Well that's not good - well over half a year since my last update! I must confess that the first half of the year has been unforgivably quiet in the 40k front, but thankfully I've lept off the wagon in style, and am taking part in my first Tournament with my dear friend Admiral Drax, and am hosting a weekend campaign for a number of my friends this winter!

Anyway I'll be getting onto thoes in later posts, but for the mean time I at least have something to show for the time I've been away - my Librarian has now finally been completed...

I'm quite happy with how he's turned out, though the camera seems to have the uncanny knack of magnifying mistakes, and seems to seperate the blending done on the sword. On another note, working on him after plastic figures certainly helps me appreciate how I really, really really hate metal figures - the paint seems to wear off them so quickly it's terrifying! If anyone has any advice on how to treat metal figures so that you don't have to handle them like new born babies, while not making them glossy or degrading the quality of the finish, I would absolutly love to hear it!!

...Right then, by my watch, I reckon I now have around two weeks to assemble and paint the other half of my 500pt army to be ready for the tournament. Ah.


Admiral Drax said...

Oh boy - that's so sweet!

I love the detail on the books especially...and yes, the camera lens is a cruel mistress!

Simon said...

Metal minis are a bit different than plastic. I know it's probably too late for this, but the first two steps would be to give the model a good wash with soap and water and then a nice, even coat of primer.

Obviously you're at a different point, so my suggestion would be a few coats of gloss varnish and a final coat of matte varnish. The gloss is really durable and protects the model, the matte gets rid of that obnoxious shine.

Good to see you're updating again, I enjoyed seeing these marines.


Squirrel_Fish said...

For finishing, as Simon says, use one or two coats of a gloss varnish, spray or brush, it doesn't matter too much. Spray is faster, but I like to brush some models so I can control the layer of coating. After that, hit it with a layer of Testor's Dulcote to kill the shine. If you want some shiny gems or whatnot, you'll have to go over it with another layer of gloss varnish, but this is the best protection you can get.


Vyper76 said...

Hi Mike, Simon and Squirrel_Fish have it nailed. Other than a spray primer being used as an undercoat, paint just sticks to it better on the metal minis. A coat of gloss allow that to completely dry, usually an hour and a bit to be on the safe side. Then a couple of light coats of matte/satin to take the gleem off. Oh one bit of advice, if using GWs Satin Varnish, shake the can till both arms are sore! You'll avoid frosting that way.


Col.Gravis said...

What the other chaps said, personally I also often give models with particularly 'sharp' metal edges a coat of varnish after basecoating but before detailing, models I've done this with seem to age that little bit better then those I just varnish on completion.

Gamers World said...

Cool stuff and nice to see you posting again, I missed your blog. Nothing to say on varnishing but nice models.

Monkieboi said...

Yeah, what Simon said.

1 - Wash mini with soap and a toothbrush (preferably not your current toothbrush), and then rinse well with water.

2 - 2 or 3 very light coats of undercoating will be more durable than one solid one.

3 - Paint.

4 - Gloss varnish

5 - Decals, if you wish

6 - Gloss again.

7 - Matt varnish.

That seems to work for me. Admittedly, I leave off the matt on my Space Marines, I like them shiny!

Admiral Drax said...

Form Drax: Thanks, Anon.

Anonymous said...
Drax. I can't post this on your mate's site. Apologies.

Hey. I got a tip from Tim Lison a few years back that seems to work ok (both metal and otherwise).

He said that he blends just a bit of glosscoat directly into his paints as he mixes them on his palette -not much mind, but enough to give the paint some extra strength. Moreover, it adds a nice vibrancy to the colors.

I would also second the post about using some soap and water as well.

Mike The Merciless said...

Thanks for so many brilliant responses!

Simon, Squirrel_Fish, Vyper76, Monkie Boi - cheers for the advise, I already washed before painted, but it hasn't seemed to help my cause much! But the advice for Gloss followed by Matt varnish sounds excellent, I'll have to give it a try!

Col. Gravis, I've never heard of that technique before - does it protect the basecoat, or does it also seem to add some durability to the layers on top?

Thanks Simon and Gamers World for putting up with my tardiness, appreciated :)