Sunday, 12 December 2010

Awesomefest 2010 - The Aftermath!

Last Saturday saw the conclusion of yet another awesome awesomefest! This time the points where bumped up to 1500 a side - not attempted since the first time we played! However, while that time took us a whole day for 1 game, this time we managed to have 2 high-octane games done in half the time!

Here's a summary of the games we played:
Game 1

Team with the most scoring units within 3" of the central objective win.
Michael (Eldar) & Neil (Necrons)
Alan (Marines) & Rob (Marines)
Definately a long-range game, with both teams most manouvering and volleying fire at eachother from their respective sides. The game was made interesting by Alan and Rob's Terminators... last Awesomefest they were pretty much the flavour of the month, as Rob's Terminators steamrolled any defence that was mustered against them. This time everyone was expecting them, and with a brass balled deep strike in the middle of enemy territory, they were lit up like the 4th of July. And then charged.
The game finished with Neil's Phlanax of 18 Necrons and Lord marched forward and plonked themselves on the objective.
TEAM 1 (Eldar & Necrons) - 1VP
TEAM 2 (Marines & Marines) - 0VP
Units of the game:
Team 1 - Eldar Pathfinders
These guys were the nemesis of Marines as they sniped from the ruined tower - with the AP1 shots bringing getting in plenty of kills, and their Camoline cloaks allowing them to weather a huge amount of firepower!
Team 2 - Praetor Cantor
Despite not doing much all game, once a squad of Marines and Terminators were ambushed and wiped out as they attempted to push for the objective, an insanely well-placed Orbital Strike wiped out about half of the Eldar infantry!


Dire Avengers sneek around the Administratum ready to set up the ambush...

Guardians holding the right flank.

The Terminators deep strike behind enemy lines. Photo taken before they were Doomed, Bladestormed, Shurikenned, and charged.

Game 2
Team with scorring units controlling most objectives win (one in each deployment zone)
Michael (Eldar 500pts), Rob (Marines 500pts) & Suzie (500pts)
Neil (Necron 750pts), Alan (Marines 750pts)
In terms of winning/losing - this was certainly one of the most bizarre games I've played! The game started with Alan taking a huge hit as a Doom and Bladestorm combo wiped out all but 1 marine from a fully kitted out Tac Squad in Turn 1. Alan replied with ANOTHER uncannily accurate Orbital Strike from Praetor Cantor, followed by a Razorback wiping out my entire Dire Avenger squad.
This was met on the other side of the board with the Necon Monolith floating forward, ignoring all shots at it blasted huge chunks out of the scorring units attempting to hold the objective - it's advance only halted by a screen of Terminators attempting to hammer at it. But just as things looked bleak - a bold charge down the middle with the mounted Khorne Bezerkers allowed them to ambush the 18 Necron Warriors, and following a Sweeping Advance, phased out the entire army Necron army!
Now Alan was against 3 players, with only a single Space Marine allowing him to hold the objective - only a charge away from 8 Khorne Beserkers! Regardless, Alan decided to slap fate round the face and continued play. Charging Praetor Cantor recklessly into them - over the next 2 turns he managed to wipe them all out! By now his Terminators teleported down to reinforce the single marine - who since he was hiding behind a wall, could not be taken down, despite a last ditch storm bolter through a window... a micraculous draw from the jaws of defeat!
TEAM 1 (Eldar, Chaos & Marines) - 1VP
TEAM 2 (Necrons & Marines) - 1VP
Units of the Match:
Team 1 - Khorne Beserkers
With pie plates and all manor of deadly firepower being slammed onto our scoring troops by the objective, they were on the verge of buckling - but thanks to the Beserkers charging across the board and striking right at the Necron heart, they single-handledly managed to turn a near loss into a near win!
Team 2 - Praetor Cantor
ANOTHER GODDAMNED ORBITAL STRIKE OF DEATH! A second time landing bang on target to devistating effect, and saving the sole Marine survivor by, I dunno, single-handledly wiping out an 8-man Beserker squad in close combat! If we had a unit of the day, it would definately be this guy!

A shot of Team 1 at deployment...

After the Necrons phased out... look on Alan's face made my year :)


Admiral Drax said...

Oh boy - Alan's face is just...well...beautiful!

By the way, the mid-nineties called: they want their terminators back.

I am - as ever - very jealous of your awesomefestivities. I'm planning to head 'up-country' in February half-term, by the way...

Oh, and the verification word is "bummo".

- Chris.

Unknown said...

Yes the combo of Neils blow by blow commentry about our tactics and weakness of each of our unit, moving on to turns before his team mates had a chance to do any thing with their units, then blame it all on suger rush. Only to have his entire army phase out did indeed leave me with a face that says 'FFS you just cant get the minions these days'

If only I could call on the Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this pissed off form into Alan-ra the ever Mike ass kicking..

But alas..

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